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I knew there was a reason that compelled me to add the interior square. In doing so the painting suddenly gained an added spatiality or gravity and a sense of dimensional momentum or velocity.

I paint intuitively. Usually the 'inspiration' comes first, the meaning later. In this case, why I squared the squared came to me from a physicist at the University of Tennessee. "Aha", a physicist gets this!", I thought. Then I began remembering my physics, and the basic laws of symmetry as the square relates to chaos theory.

Why is it that all of our well established physical laws are expressible in terms of Lagrangians and the principle of least action, and why is our universe governed by laws of symmetry, and not chaos?

Basically, energy tends to be a square of a basic variable (length, velocity, field amplitude etc.). It turns out that energy and the Lagrangian need to have particular properties that can only be met by particular functions (the square being one of them).

Any negative number squared becomes a positive integer. This is why Einstein squared the speed (velocity) of light.

In a nutshell this is saying that kinetic energy being the square of the velocity is directly traceable to the nature of space and time, in any inertial frame. An inertial frame is just a frame of reference that is not accelerating, i.e. the dimensional square canvas.

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